Response to Odoo Community Enterprise announcement

by Tony Clarke on 05/04/2019

It was interesting to read the latest blog from Odoo in which they shared their journey since 2015 when they took the hurried decision to change their business model in order to turnar ...

GDPR - You're compliant but are you efficient?

by Lauren Westley on 25/05/2018

GDPR. I’m sure you’re getting tired of hearing about it. Presumably your inbox has been flooded these past few days with a wave of ‘opt-in’ and ‘changes to privacy policy’ emails. As a business person, you have far bigger challenges and opportunities to explore without havi ...

Are you ready for GDPR - Part 2: What to do about it

by Lauren Westley on 13/10/2016

To understand the principles behind GDPR, you need to consider that any data that you hold has been loaned to you by the owner, and they are in control of who has it and what they do with it. Consent must be freely given for the use of any personal data and the use for this must be made clear.

Are you ready for GDPR - Part 1: What is it?

by Lauren Westley on 13/10/2016

If you hold data on individuals, you will be affected when the Data Protection Act is replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation in 2018. This change will bring significant implications to any businesses processing personal data, particularly those with e-commerce, marketing, retail and w ...

2016 Future of Open Source survey by Black Duck & North Bridge

by Lauren Westley on 14/03/2016

What comes to mind when you think about open source? Is it the latest Unicef initiative? Maybe it is the Barclays OSS mi ...

Open Source Device Tops Black Friday Deals on Amazon

by Lauren Westley on 23/12/2015

Wileyfox is a mobile device that was featured on the front page of Amazon's 'Black Friday Sale'. It runs on an open source operating system and advertises that their phones customization abilities is unrivalled as it allows you to fully customize your phone to suit your own unique personality.

HSCIC Prototyping tele-health using RaspberryPi

by Stuart J Mackintosh on 05/11/2015

The Health & Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) assist organisations and individuals to create and test applications to communicate through the NHS UK-wide secure communication network. They have created a suite of testing tools including validators, responders, and automated ...

Rising profile of Open Source in retail tech

by Stuart J Mackintosh on 12/03/2015

The rising profile of Open Source at the Retail Business Technology Expo OpusVL visited the RBTE expo at Olympia on 10th March to gain a perspective of the progress of Open Source in retail technology, we were ...

Open Source Awards 2015 Edinburgh summary of talks

by Stuart J Mackintosh on 26/02/2015

The University of Edinburgh Informatics Forum hosted the 2015 Open Source Awards on 25th February. I visited the awards arranged by Greg Soper of Sales Agility this Wednesday in Edinburgh. More details of the event can be found here:

The impact of the Open Document Format

by Stuart J Mackintosh on 15/12/2014

The Open Document Format (ODF) has been created to provide a standard mechanism to make documents portable across applications and devices, locally and through the cloud. It was formally standardised by