GDPR. I’m sure you’re getting tired of hearing about it. Presumably your inbox has been flooded these past few days with a wave of ‘opt-in’ and ‘changes to privacy policy’ emails.

As a business person, you have far bigger challenges and opportunities to explore without having to share your mind space with pages of new legislation and regulations. However, it is unavoidable and it does need to be done. You might even find there's a competitive advantage to be had through enhancing your efficiency where others cannot.

By now you should be complaint. If you aren’t then we recommend you consult with a legal professional as soon as possible to avoid fines. We can already see companies being questioned on their data privacy and security- with complaints being filed against the likes of Facebook, Google, Instagram and Whatsapp

Lets presume you are ahead of the game. Your data is complaint and you have your reporting procedure clearly documented, your staff are all trained etc. That's great. But now what?

Consider these scenarios...

If a subject requests access to all of the data you hold on them, how easy is this to find? How long is it going to take a member of staff to comb through your files, emails, electronic documents, CRM, accounting software, spreadsheets, physical devices and any other locations where this may be stored? Consider how much pay will be spent on that employee to perform this activity. What's more, consider how that time could have been invested in other areas of your business such as; making your product better, marketing your services, or improving customer service.

The same may apply for deletion or erasure requests with the added complication of ensuring any necessary financial records are not affected. The reality is that you may be compliant but at a big efficiency cost to your company.

How to be efficient and compliant

There is a way around this inefficiency. Replace that person with an automated toolset to; process data access requests, join up your systems to centralise data, and enable a person to manage their own contact preferences through self service tools.

It is possible to be compliant and efficient through implementing the right technology, in the right way. But this doesn't need to cost you a fortune. Or anything in fact! Much of the technology you need is already out there, and available as free and Open Source. This means you can download and implement this software yourself, so even micro and small businesses can enhance their efficiency and get ahead of their competitors.

Where we come in

We don’t charge for software- after all, as I mentioned above, you can get it for free. We analyse, plan, implement, customise, configure, develop, host and support this software for medium sized businesses who need something not available off-the-shelf.

Our advice

1. If you aren’t compliant- get compliant

2. If you aren’t sure how- talk to a lawyer

3. If you're a small or micro business- look at free and open source tools

4. If you're a mid sized business needing professional services- talk to us about automation

Posted by Lauren Westley on 25/05/2018