Wileyfox is a mobile device that was featured on the front page of Amazon's 'Black Friday Sale'. It runs on an open source operating system and advertises that their phones customization abilities is unrivalled as it allows you to fully customize your phone to suit your own unique personality.

It has an outstanding Privacy and Security system that allows the user to precisely choose what data they want to be shared and what they would like to be kept private, it also allows you to set different passwords and PIN's for access to your applications.

Their phones even allow you to delete preloaded applications! Which, as a lot of people probably know by now, we never use.

WileyFox phones

The Wileyfox devices are powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip-sets and Cyanogen's OS 12.1. Cyanogen's operating system is an open source operating system which means that the operating system is actually built by the user through customisation preferences. The Swift model has a built in 16 GB storage with up to 32 GB expandable memory as well as 2 GB RAM, whereas the Storm model has 32 GB storage and 3 GB of RAM and are both available for under £200.

CyanogenMod logo phones

Wileyfox proudly stated in their product description that they use an open source operating system. Open source and phones is not a new concept, however the difference is in the marketing of the product, which highlighted its open-ness as a key selling point.

Another device that promotes open source is the Neo 900, this is an open platform device that has the ability to allow the user to do whatever they would do on their PC. They provide devices that come ready to use as well as providing motherboard replacements for already owned devices. This handheld device packs 256 MB RAM and 32 GB eMMC with room to expand.

Where else can Open Source be found? Simple answer, everywhere. Examples of open source use include; LibreOffice, an open source alternative to Microsoft Office, VLC Media Player, a free, open source, cross-platform streaming service and media player. And finally Blender which is possibly the best 3D modelling and animation software available and can be used for animated films, interactive 3D applications and video game design.

It is clear Open Source is becoming more and more mainstream. Wileyfox presumed that people know about Open Source and it's benefits, it no longer needs an explanation. This all points to the fact that peoples opinions and culture are changing and there is a real demand within the community for Open Source applications and devices which, like the Wileyfox phones, allow for user input and customisation.

Posted by Lauren Westley on 23/12/2015