At midday, Thursday 15th May 2014, OpenERP announced that it is to rebrand its offering as 'Odoo'.

OpenERP is primarily an Open Source Enterprise Resource (ERP) software suite of business applications that includes Sales Management, Manufacturing, Purchase Management, E-commerce, POS, Accounting & Finance, CRM, and Project Management, to name just a few. (More details here)

However, having recently released a range of new and diverse applications, and with the promise that by using its system, 'a business can go from zero to trading online quicker than ever', OpenERP's name was starting to limit the evolution of the business.

Odoo logo - formerly OpenERP

“We believe the current name does not reflect the offering of the company anymore,” explained Alexandre Vandermeersch, Head of Marketing at Odoo. “Whilst Odoo remains an Open Source ERP, it has become much more than that.

“With our new Website Builder, POS applications and the eCommerce storefront, the community has moved into a new territory – a territory in which no ERP has gone before.

“With this in mind, we wanted a new name that reflects the new and vast horizon ahead of us.”

OpusVL has used OpenERP since 2005 and is now the UK's premier Odoo integration partner. We were the first partners to reach Silver status in the UK, leading the way in providing confidence to other service providers. By working in collaboration with Odoo, we can configure, customise, develop and implement Odoo's full suite of ERP applications.

Posted by Sherrilyn Brighton on 15/05/2014