OpusVL are proud to have been named Technology Innovator of the year by Corporate Vision magazine. The award recognises the leading position that OpusVL have taken in implementing Free and Open Source technology in to businesses, realizing the vision that was set out in 1999 when the company was formed.

During this time, the utilization of Open Source solutions has exploded and we are now finding that demand for professional implementation is gathering pace. For many businesses, the Free & Open Source industry has become a critical supplier and professional services are required to support core business operations.

Corporate Vision Technology Innovator of the year award: OpusVL

The key to our successful projects is encapsulated in our engagement approach which is built around delivering scalable solutions to enable interoperability and customisation, eliminating cumbersome workarounds and wasted time.

This approach has evolved over 17 years of project delivery and focusses on a successful outcome for our customer. Throughout this process, we manage a technology roadmap, detailing the priority of each section of the project so that immediate items are fully specified while enabling the delivery team to share the future plans for the client.

The award also considers the company culture, we provide our team with autonomy and flexibility which enables them to analyse and evaluate scenarios, solve customer issues and contribute to the wider community as a by-product.

Looking forward, our clients are demanding more efficient interaction between technology and users. They expect security by default and are becoming uncomfortable with the feeling of being locked in to a particular vendor. The promise of cloud is becoming laced with the fear that the client is not in control of their data or having their applications 'switched off' without warning. These issues are addressed with the combination of our processes, our experienced team, and the use of Free & Open Source software.

We have been working hard to help support and grow the open source marketplace and we appreciate the recognition of our efforts through this award - especially as our nomination came from a mystery customer.

Being named Technology Innovator of the Year has strengthened the recognition of our leadership in professional Open Source delivery at a time when Open technology has become an every day requirement for almost all organisations.

Posted by Lauren Westley on 09/09/2016