UK Government websites can now be deployed within minutes by re-using the familiar theme produced by Government Digital Services (GDS) in combination with the Bootstrap framework.

Our solution came about as a by-product of a project for one of our clients, the Apperta Code4Health initiative, and has since gained a lot of media attention and traction within the Open Source Government marketplace since its release onto GCloud 8.

The UK Government has invested a large amount of time and resources in developing their digital services theme. By 2014, over two years had been invested in researching and improving the accessibility of their web interface, and providing access to as many people as possible.

Sharing and re-use of software and technology is high on the agenda of GDS and the Government design principles: "We should share what we’re doing whenever we can. With colleagues, with users, with the world. Share code, share designs, share ideas, share intentions, share failures". 

These principles enabled our talented techies to import the work of GDS, and re-factor it using the Bootstrap framework with the methods originally created by GDS. The result is, which has been released as FOSS (free and open source software), will help web developers in the public sector to cut costs and improve the consistency of their digital footprint while adhering to open standards policies when deploying a website.

You can find out more about our latest innovation and see it in action by visiting the website

Posted by Lauren Westley on 05/08/2016