OpusVL have been awarded a substantial grant from Innovate UK as lead partner of a consortium aiming to transform NHS care by enabling more effective and lower cost digital systems to better support clinical care.

Our project seeks to research and implement a new proof-of-concept open standard digitally-enabled electronic observation (eObs) solution for deteriorating patient care.

Adopting an Open Source and standards approach will eliminate prohibitive annual software licensing and adaptation costs while delivering a flexible public asset that can readily be adapted to individual NHS Trust needs.

An eObs application allows clinicians to observe patients digitally using hand held devices and send automatic alerts to specialists for at risk patients.

Our vision is to transform the care process digitally and also to overcome the barriers the NHS faces over proprietary IT systems that cannot be easily or cost-effectively iterated to meet clinician requirements and best practice operating procedures.

It will address a major unmet need in the NHS where a significant proportion of patients still experience suboptimal care leading to adverse clinical outcomes such as unplanned ICU admissions, emergency surgery, cardiac arrest and death.

Alongside South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, Cheshire and Wirral NHS Foundation Trust, The Apperta Foundation, OpenUK, and a UK University, we will be developing processes for creating and delivering Open Source software in the UK healthcare sector. Leveraging Open Source tools which can be re-used and adapted for the complex needs of individual hospitals, a cost effective and efficient way of delivering ambitious, high tech solutions which can help to save lives.

Our approach is uniquely consistent with secretary of state for health Matt Hancock's vision for Digital Transformation (October 2018) for the NHS and will serve as a vehicle to transform market access for SME's to grow the UK digital healthcare industry through the innovative use of digital technologies.

The sum of £790,000 is the largest Innovate UK research and development grant awarded to an Open Source project. This funding will go towards proof of concept, through to creation and testing of an app that can also calculate early warning scores, a key predictor of sepsis which claims the lives of an estimated 46,000 people per year.

We are very proud to be leading this consortium and proving the meaningful impact that Open Source software can bring to the NHS.

The project launches on the 1st April 2019, with clinical trials due to begin in 2020.

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Posted by Lauren Westley on 29/03/2019