Alongside the first Coventry and Warwick Business Festival, OpusVL is hosting its first "Tech Week" which provides five topical technology-focused sessions for local businesses. Starting 20th November, our sessions are relatively informal and offer the opportunity to discuss your issues and answer your questions.

Having provided internet-based software and technology services to businesses since 1999, OpusVL has generated a great deal of knowledge and honed in on methods and processes to practically deliver these to businesses. This event provides the opportunity to share some of this with local organisations.

The overlapping topics include the professional use of Free & Open Source in business and education, security & data protection and an insight in to what the "cloud" really is and how it works. If you are in business or the education sector, and are a user of technology, these sessions may be for you.

Session 1: Professional Free & Open Source software in business

Session one helps the audience understand what Free & Open Source is, why people use it, and why they don't. It covers some basic principles of the business model behind the creation and use of Open Source in the work environment. Anyone interested in getting more out of technology should attend. Find out more here.

Session 2: Cyber self defence

The second session held in conjunction with Warwickshire County Council will explore software and data security, keeping business information safe and will relate this to the new data protection laws coming in to force May 2018. This interactive workshop suits businesses who hold data on their customers and who have internet connectivity or an on-line presence. Find out more here

Session 3: Free software for schools and education

Our third session is held at a local school and presents free software applications to enable schools to deliver their curriculum with less cost and disruption. We will cover code clubs and learning tools, day to day applications for use in school, and infrastructure to reliably underpin day to day operations. Find out more here.
Give-away: We have a couple of printed copies of "The Open Schoolhouse" and a Raspberry Pi to give away.

Session 4: Automate your business and drive efficiencies

Session four intends to help businesses understand how to approach automating functions of their business using proven and well tested software. Although the free software enables this automation, the challenge is working out what and how to automate, so come and find out what the journey to automation looks like. Find out more here.
Give-away: Free hosted CRM & ERP software, other free software applications

Session 5: Is the cloud too cloudy?

The fifth and final session focuses on the cloud. Held at a little-known cold-war bunker in Rugby, which hosts an underground data centre and the largest independent satellite ground station in the UK, you will have the opportunity to see how a data centre works and discover what is really behind the cloud. Find out more here.

In line with the values of the Free and Open Source industry, the founding values of OpusVL includes sharing with others. By presenting this to others with no strings attached, it enables other organisations to grow and benefit from these technologies, which will in turn benefit the local economy. There are no charges for the events, and you don't need to worry about being sold to.

We welcome you to our events and look forward to meeting you.