Introducing - Government websites in minutes

by Lauren Westley on 05/08/2016

UK Government websites can now be deployed within minutes by re-using the familiar theme produced by Government Digital Services (GDS) in combination with the Bootstrap framework. Our solution came about as a by-product of a project for one of our clients, the Apperta Code4H ...

Advice for companies when selecting business management software

by Lauren Westley & Liam Elkington on 01/07/2016

Despite the increase in use of technology within businesses, many organisations still face drawbacks due to disjointed or ill-fitting business management systems. This happens all too much when a company invests in an ERP system that addresses immediate needs but does not fully unders ...

Pi Zero - the £4 computer

by Dominic Mason on 04/12/2015

It began when Colin strolled into the office with a magazine in his hand, and casually mentioned he had just got his pi zero... The stampede! And Craig was gone, with me yelling "Get me one, too" after him as he (literally) sprinted out of the office, causing worry among thos ...

Training enables productivity

by Lauren Westley on 24/06/2015

We all know the benefits of implementing new systems within a business, such as increasing efficiency, integrating information and improved reporting capabilities. However, a vital aspect of the implementations success, is the users themselves. Resistance from staff is commonly noted ...

Security or convenience - choose any one

by Stuart J Mackintosh on 24/06/2015

As with any feature-rich and connected software, Odoo has it's security flaws, and we have found a few. Our team have discovered a handful of issues with varying impact from discomfort at one end of the scale, to risk of data theft by a rogue user at the other end. However, Odoo seems ...

The Open Source apprentice

by Lauren Westley on 15/05/2015

You may have seen our blog and recent press releases about the importance of coding in schools and programming the next generation of programmers. But where does this lead? Learning coding at a young age can have a direct affect on employability and equips young people with skills that ...

Odoo UK event 12th May 2015 - Warwick

by Lauren Westley on 28/03/2015

OpusVL are once again pleased to announce that we will be hosting our second event in conjunction with Odoo on May 12th at Racliffe House, University of Warwick Science Park. The "Integrated Business In ...

Supporting Open Document Format principles for Government Technology

by John Edden on 25/03/2015

UK government departments are being urged to make Open Document Format (ODF) their default file application in order to adhere to Open Standards Principles and enable UK industry innovation. The rallying cry comes from Open Source specialist Stuart J Mackintosh, as the globe celebrate ...

Odoo present Business apps in Birmingham

by Stuart J Mackintosh on 19/11/2014

As part of their world show, Odoo experts will demonstrate the depth and breadth of the rich features provided by the Odoo business management applications which has over 2 million installations globally, and is now the worlds fastest growing business management and ERP suite.

OpusVL highlight Odoo to Government Business magazine readers

by Marketing on 27/06/2014

In the June 2014 edition of the Government Business Magazine, OpusVL describe some of the current barriers and challenges experienced with Government IT systems. Click the thumbnail below to see the full story or read the magazine on-line