Please note that the following issue should now be resolved, if anyone is still experiencing this issue please contact support on 01788 298455.

The recent release of Google Chrome v45 has several bugs which affect CSS transitions and the display of relatively positioned elements.The impact of this is that many sites with drop-down menus are rendering incorrectly.

If a site is affected by this bug, the menu itself will display but it will be blank, i.e. no menu items will be shown.

We have confirmed that applications built with the OpusVL Flexibase framework are affected by this issue.

While we are liaising with Google engineers to arrive at a solution, we would recommend that OpusVL customers do not upgrade to Chrome v45 until a solution has been found.

If you have already upgraded to Chrome V45 and are experiencing these issues, we would recommend using another browser until these bugs have been resolved.

Screen shot

The following image illustrates the menu items not rendering with Chrome V45.Chrome v45 css bug screenshot

Bug reports

The following reports relate to this issue:

Posted by Reece Godfray on 07/09/2015