Those of you that saw Muse on the opening program in the latest series of "Later... with Jools Holland" during the show broadcast 25th September 2012 may have been slightly bemused - or even amused - by the doublenecked bass guitar Chris Wolstenholme was using on their new single, Madness.

You can see the show on this Youtube video, he is on the right in the white shirt.

The lower bass guitar was relatively normal, most of a Status S2-Classic headless bass. But the top neck wasn't a Bass guitar at all, or even a guitar, but a Misa Kitara, which is a digital MIDI controller in the shape of a guitar, with a 24 "fret" neck - 6 "strings" of 24 buttons in reality - and a in-built synthesizer.

And instead of a keyboard to "pluck" the strings, it has a 8.4in 800x600 multi-touch, pressure-sensitive, touchscreen that can be wiped, tapped, stroked, have areas separated to perform different functions, and it glows as you touch it!

And, of course, the computer inside the Kitara runs linux, so the code is available on github

Posted by Dominic Mason on 25/10/2012