The Open Dyslexic font from, a concept so simple it's genius.

The problem we dyslexic find when reading is that letters tend to dance on the screen / paper when we try reading them, they refuse to stay still and that mutiny makes it difficult for us to concentrate in what we are actually reading. Open Dyslexic font screenshot sample

Abelardo Gonzalez came up with the bizarre idea of putting weight at the bottom of the letters so they will finally stay still for us to read. Crazy? Yes, a fair bit. But what is crazier than letters dancing by themselves in a text with no music or rhythm?

It works. I read in a straight line without having to use my dyslexic glasses, or special highlight tools, I love my fat-bottom letters and use it regularly.

Being open, others can improve the font and it is available for anyone to use without restrictions, the author asks for optional donations toward future developments and as with many Open Source projects, the code is on Github.

Finally I can keep them quiet and still in the text, and I don't even have to shout at them any more!

Posted by NAV on 11/10/2012