When customers are purchasing time and material based development, transparency is essential to maintain integrity and trust. We like to report on how the time is being used and what the customer gets.

In order to provide detailed information on the people working on your project or the details of work undertaken, we log and review efforts on your project. Reports can be provided weekly or monthly and sent to you in a spreadsheet. This is available for larger projects where work is paid by the hour / day.
The tracker is used to for all parties to discuss and resolve issues, generally there are many different levels of issue and each is assigned to an appropriate tracker or a new tracker is initiated. One tracker will be used as the parent tracker for the project and it is used to discuss the overall project management issues and can end up quite long, it will remain open until the project ends or is replaced by a new project. Some of these tracker issues will be quite general and others very specific.

SVN  and Git code version control system are used, developers are encouraged to create log entries that accurately describe the changes they have performed to the code. Within the code itself developers are encouraged to comment about their thought processes and to indicate their motivation for the code they create rather than just describing what the functionality does.

The time logger is used to track the length of time our developers spend on individual projects and in some instances subsets of projects.

Posted by Tech team on 08/07/2012